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Vehicle in detail 

Vehicle equipment: driver seat upholstered with 3 point safety belts, footrests, magazine nets, tables, curtains, axles final drive ratio: i=4,3, hydraulic brake systems/separated circuits, ABS,ASR,Retarder Telma, steel rims 6,0x16", tyres 225/75R16, electric front single sheeted door, emergency door, windscreen laminated glass, thermal glass, fixed double windows with dark grey tinted glass, battery 12Volt-110 Ah, Electricity 12Volt, starter 12V, digital tachograph, radio/CD player, microphone, day/night illumination in interior roof lining, entrance light, marker lights/halogen, roof/sides isolation, PVC floor wooden imitation, DVD,LCD TV,Coffe machine, fridge as option, air-condition14,5kW, baseboard heating in combination with hot water pre-heater, independent heating, toilet, cash box